• 5 Simple Steps To Follow Your Dreams
    A great inspiration for all ages, Major General Vikram Dev Dogra believes that age is just a number . You can start whenever you feel the desire to start. It’s not a competition with others; it is a competition with yourself. A recipient of Ati Vishisht Seva Medal (AVSM), Major General Vikram Dev Dogra is a TED x and…
  • Infosys Springboard – Education ,Training and Assessment.
    In alignment with the Infosys’ ESG Vision 2030, Infosys Springboard is a flagship intervention to empower people, communities and society. Through this initiative, Infosys plans to empower over 10 million people with digital and life skills by 2025. The reach will include students and teachers across India in the age group of 10-22 years as well as lifelong learners.
  • 21st Century School by Ms. Aruna C. Newton
    As educators we realise the importance of creating an inclusive and diverse school environment especially during the present times. Let’s learn more about it from none other than Ms. Aruna C. Newton who heads the Global diversity, inclusion & sustainability division at Infosys Ltd.
  • Dr. Nirmala Krishnan, Former country head education, Jindal Group
    WHY SHOULD EDUCATORS BE TRAINED IN GROWTH MINDSET by Dr. Nirmala Krishnan, Former country head education, Jindal Group, India and Education Consultant, Soka International School, Malaysia. Also author of the most popular book for educators ‘Meet the humanistic LEADER in you’. Have you felt deep pain because you failed in something? Have you ever felt no one can be…
  • Johari window to streamline learning Outcomes by Captain (Dr.) Dinisha Bhardwaj Singh
    Learning outcomes remain in the Center of any teaching learning process. In spite of the teacher being well equipped academically and the learner having high level of understanding coupled with hard work, many a times we are not able to achieve it. During those times a self- analysis at all levels with # Johari Window will help us to…
  • Proactive Measures Of XII Evaluation with Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj
    CEIR , Global invites all the Principals and Result Committee members of class XII for an Elaborative session & panel discussion about “Proactive Measures Of XII Evaluation “.Kindly join us to clear your all doubts, queries and understand various ways of Moderation in depth along with Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj, Controller of Examinations, CBSE !
  • NEP 2020 Aligned AI Session for Educators
    An online capacity building session for educators to help them introduce Artificial intelligence in classrooms. The session will focus on Introduction to AI, Application of AI and Hands-on activities.
  • NEP 2020 Higher Order Cognition & School Education by Dr. K. P. Mohanan, Co Founder ,ThinQ
    NEP 2020 recommends that Indian education should go beyond mere information, understanding, and application to aim at higher order cognitive abilities such as critical thinking, problem solving, and inquiry. The session will focus on what is meant by ‘critical thinking’, ‘problem solving’, and ‘inquiry’ , and illustrate them with a set of classroom activities that aim at these abilities.
  • Science Education: Can Cognitive Science help improve quality
    Topics explored by the cognitive science have wider application in the field of science education. This session will introduce concepts such as sense-making, cognitive load and its management, categorisation, visualisation and simulation etc. and its role in making complex concepts in science comprehendible to the students. The crucial support cognitive science can offer to develop ICT based contents and…
  • Implementing Game based learning in teaching and Assessments for Indian Classrooms
    Game based education is gaining popularity and importance among both school and parent community. In this session, we will uncover a) Why should we use game in teaching and Assessment? b) Difference between physical games and digital games and how to select the right one for you ? c) How to integrate games in teaching-learning process ? d) What…
  • “Futuristic Schooling” – CEIR Anniversary – Inauguration & Keynote by Shri. Anurag Tripathi, IRPS
    As a part of our first anniversary celebration, we are proud and immensely happy to host a virtual session on “Futuristic Schooling” Date: Sunday, June 6, ’21Time: 11 a. m(IST) Honourable, Shri. Anurag Tripathi, IRPS Secretary,CBSE. will grace the occasion as the Chief Guest and deliver the keynote speech. A panel discussion on the same topic will be moderated…
  • Nexus of Good
    Nexus of Good movement, started by Mr. Anil Swarup IAS, is all about identifying, understanding, appreciating, replicating and scaling good work and practices so as to create an alternative narrative in today’s negativity filled world. Let’s hear more about how to create a more positive world through nexus of good from Mr. Anil Swarup, the much celebrated former Education…
  • The 3D Approach-By Mayank Solanki
    Welcome to the Saturday Webinar organised by CEIR and to be addressed by Mr. Mayank Solanki, Founder & CEO, VAL-ED Initiatives on the topic ‘The 3D Approach: Raising 21st Century Children who Succeed Both Inside and Outside the School.’ This session will equip parents and Teachers with some valuable tips to guide their children and make them more resilient…
  • ‘ROOTS to WINGS’ by Sadhu Gyanvatsaldas
    CEIR May Saturday Webinar Series # 5-‘ROOTS to WINGS’ addressed by Sadhu Gyanvatsaldas. In the current COVID-19 induced stressed world, listening to a great inspirational speaker can help boost our motivation and determination! He is a symbol of modernity blended with tradition. Let us join to get enlightened by his wisdom..
  • How schools as learning organizations can move from good to great during this pandemic? – Ms. Kavita Anand
    Ms. Kavita Anand, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Adhyayan Quality Education to shares her expertise and ideas about “How schools as learning organizations can move from good to great during this pandemic?”
  • Grade X Assessment and Result Tabulation with Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj, Controller of Examinations, CBSE
    Dr. Bhardwaj has begun his session with a pep-talk on the assessment and result tabulation policy and later listened and addressed the various queries put up by the delegates on the topic. The session has benefited around 20k Principals and Educators from across India and the Middle East to clarify their concerns regarding Grade X Assessment & Tabulation of…
  • Chanakya – An ideal leadership teacher, his relevance in our generation – Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai
    Listen to Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, a renowned motivational speaker, teacher, author, management trainer, and consultant.He is the bestselling author of Inside Chanakya’s Mind and Chatur Chanakya and the Himalayan Problem. He has researched Kautilya’s Arthashastra extensively and has a master’s degree in Sanskrit.
  • Preparing Teachers for the 21st Century – Dr. (Mrs.)Vandana Lulla
    Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the Pandemic have brought in paradigm shifts in classroom practices. We feel Dr. Vandana, an expert, and pioneer in implementing Education Revolution 4.0 related strategies is the best person to enlighten us on this topic. Listen to Preparing Teachers for the 21st Century – Dr. (Mrs.)Vandana Lulla, Director, Podar Group of International Schools.
  • Projection and Reality of Educator’s life and Profession
    Challenges and opportunities help us carve the path of our life. Every individual has inherent potential that needs to be identified and tapped to make the most of the challenges and opportunities. That is positivity. This very realisation and understanding are what will help us realise the difference between what is perceived and what is the truth. Being true…
  • Interaction with K. Srinivasan, Regional Officer, CBSE,Chennai Region
    Interaction with K. Srinivasan, Regional Officer, CBSE,Chennai Regio on addressing stakeholders’ queries in the wake of cancellation of class 10 and postponement of class 12 examinations by CBSE
  • ‘Creating Self-Learners-The NEP Way
    Dr. Jaya Parekh, Principal, Ram Ratna International School Mumbai* will be addressing us on *’Creating Self-Learners-The NEP Way.
  • Leadership – A Deep-Peep into Resilience by Mr. R. S. Prasad, Leadership Coach & Mentor
    Mr. R. S. Prasad, Leadership Coach & Mentor from Pondicherry will be addressing us on ‘Leadership – A Deep-Peep into Resilience.’ Hope his vast experience in Teacher & Leadership mentoring in the Royal Bhutan Ministry of Education, Ezi Vidya, Azim Premji University, Reynolds, and many other reputed educational institutions and corporate circles across India and abroad may benefit each…
  • Scientific teaching for 21st century learning
    Watch our webinar on Scientific teaching for 21st century learning.
  • CBSE Initiatives for Skill Education.
    Welcome for an interaction with Dr. Biswajith Saha, Director, Training & Skill Education, CBSE on CBSE Initiatives for Skill Education
  • Reimaging School Education
    It is time to reimagine school education. Who can be a better person to talk to us on this topic than the former Director, NCERT, Prof. (Dr.) Hrushikesh Senapaty?. Watch the video.
  • NEP & Multilingualism
    The National Education Policy 2020 stresses on multilingualism in Schools. It talks about the need for using mother tongue/ local languages as the medium of instruction, wherever possible and also points out to the necessity of a bilingual approach by Teachers. Three language formula and teaching of classical languages have also been stressed. How can we implement all these…
  • An Interaction with Controller of Examination, CBSE, New Delhi
    An Interaction with Controller of Examination, CBSE, New Delhi
  • NEP Master class Webinar Series #8
    Standard-setting and Accreditation for School Educatio by Mr.Anil Swarup IAS. We are privileged to have Mr. Anil Swarup IAS who is known for his stellar performance in various roles, especially as the Secretary, Education, to talk to us on: • What are the guidelines given by NEP for Standard-setting and Accreditation for School Education?• How can schools become centers…
  • NEP Master class Webinar Series #7
    Efficient Resourcing and Effective Governance through School Complexes/Clusters by Dr.Vijayam Ravi. Our expert, Dr. Vijayam Ravi spoke on how schools (private and Govt.) can collaborate for optimum utilization of its resources, in the form of infrastructure, human resources and so on for the benefit of students and also to build vibrant communities of teachers, school leaders, and other supporting…
  • NEP Master class Webinar Series #6
    Equitable and InclusiveEducation: Learning for All by Ms.Madhulika Bhupatkar. ‘Education is the single greatest tool for achieving social justice and equality. Inclusive and equitable education – while indeed an essential goal in its own right – is also critical to achieving an inclusive and equitable society in which every citizen has the opportunity to dream, thrive, and contribute to…
  • NEP Master class Webinar Series #5
    Teachers-Service environment and culture,Continuous Professional Development(CPD),Career Management and Progression by Ms.Vasanthi Thiagarajan Learn from an acclaimed Educator, Ms. Vasanthi Thiagarajan, the guidelines put forward by NEP 2020 to improve the status of the Teacher in society, to help them grow professionally, and also how to implement these suggestions in our schools.
  • NEP 2020 Master class Webinar Series #4
    Support for gifted students and students with special talents By Ms.Revathi Srinivasan. The students who sit in our classrooms come from varied backgrounds, have different abilities, and needs. What are some practices which will help us to support them- the gifted, students with special needs, and those who underperform? Our expert, an acclaimed educator, Ms. Revathi Srinivasan, Director -Education,…
  • NEP Master class Webinar series #3
    Curricular integration of essential subjects, skills and Transforming assessment for student development’. by Mrs.Srividya Mouli. How can we integrate subjects and skills in our curriculum? How can we transform the culture of assessment to optimize student development? Learn from Ms. Srividya Mouli, Principal, TVS Academy, whose school is already on this journey.
  • NEPMaster class Webinar Series #2
    Curriculum & Pedagogy in Schools by Mr.Rajeev Kumar Garg. Listen to this webinar to find out ways to optimize learning for students based on their cognitive development along with tips on how you can make learning Holistic, Integrated, Enjoyable and Engaging.
  • NEP Master class Webinar series #1
    Early Childhood Education-Foundational Literacy & Numeracy by Dr.Swati Popat Vats. Session was inaugurated by Shri ANURAG TRIPATHI, IRPS, Secretary, CBSE. A great opportunity to hear from Shri Anurag Tripathi Sir and also to learn from the first Lady of Early Childhood Education,(India), Dr. Swati Popat Vats. The focus will be on best practices in Early Childhood Education, based on…
  • Relevance of Applied Maths
    Watch session on Relevance of Applied maths” by Mrs. Anitha Sharma, S. D. Public School, Delhi.
  • Career Pathway Series – 8, Opportunities in space science
    “Opportunities in Space Science” by Dr. Murthy Remilla, BE, MBA, PhD, Head of Project Management, Human Spacelift group, UR Rao satellite centre, Bangalore.
  • Interaction with Dr. Joseph Emmanuel
    Interaction with Dr. Joseph Emmanuel Organised by CEIR Middle east chapter
  • Career Pathway Series – 7
    Post Pandemic career opportunities
  • Life Amidst Uncertainty – A session for Teaching Fraternity
  • Data Analytical Tools
    UK – skills Ltd. cordially invite you to be part of an online session on Data Analytical Tool , which is aimed for Trustees/ Owners /CEOs/ School Heads / Teachers. in Association with CENTRE OF EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVES AND RESEARCH TRUST & AVVYA Foundation. Jon Munt – Direct, UK Skills Ltd and Founder/Director of SchoolVUE and Covue’s Education Services providing…
  • Career Pathway Series – 6
    New Age Careers-2021
  • Career Pathway Series – 5
  • CBSE Kerala Principals Conclave
    CBSE Kerala Principal Conclave-By Shri.Anurag Tripathi,IRPSSecretary CBSE
  • Life Ready Leader
  • Career Pathway Series – 4
  • CBSE Practical & Theoretical Assessment
    CBSE Practical & Theoretical Assessment-2021 by Dr.Sanyam BhardwajController of ExaminationCBSE,New Delhi
  • National level Quiz on NEP-2020 Award ceremony
    National level Quiz on NEP-2020 Award ceremony by Anurag Tripathi,IRPSSecretary,CBSE.
  • Career Pathway Series – 3
  • Handwriting made easy-Home remedies
  • Every Handwriting has a Tale to Tell
  • Handwriting Made Easy – Home Remedies
  • Career Pathway Series – 2
  • Social & Emotional Needs of Children during Covid -19
    Social & Emotional Needs of Children during Covid -19 by Mrs.Kalyani Balakrishna
  • Handwriting Made Easy
  • Career Pathway Series – 1
  • Handwriting Made Easy
  • Covid-19 and Reopening of schools
    Covid-19 and Reopening of schools by Dr.Akshay Shah Co-Founder & Partner Jarma Wellness LLP
  • Design Thinking in Classroom Teaching
    CEIR Global is happy to invite you to a scheduled webinar on ‘Design Thinking in Classroom Teaching. on 21st November 2020, Saturday
  • International School Partnership Projects
    CEIR Global has organised a webinar today on ‘International School Partnership Projects.’ Prof. Ganesh Koramannil, CEO, iQuery Australia addressed the delegates and explained various tie-up projects, higher study and career opportunities available in Australia for Indians. The session was excellent and insightful. Shared here the link of the session for those who missed. This webinar focused on # Internationalisation…
  • Talent Analysis & Genius Mapping : Tools and Techniques
    Accurate Analysis of Acquired Talents through Genius Mapping of our learners/kids is crucial for planning higher studies and career. It remains a challenge for school leaders, teachers, counselors and parents.
  • Mental & Socio-Emotional Wellbeing in Alignment to NEP
  • E safe school – Need of the hour
  • Handwriting Home Remedies
  • School Reopening – Safety Protocols
    CEIR is organising a virtual expert session about ‘School Reopening – Safety Protocols’ on 31st October, Saturday @ 4.30 PM.Mr. Udaykumar Kumaran, DGM – School Operations, Heading Health Safety & Child Protection, Education Services Pvt Ltd. has consented to be the Keynote Speaker on the topic. Targeted Audience: School Managers, Principals, Vice Principals, Administrators, Teachers, Coordinators, Infirmary, and Admin…
  • Handwriting Improvement for Students & Parents
  • Experiential Learning in the Context of NEP 2020
    Join us on 24th October, Saturday @ 4.30 PM for a virtual session on ‘Experiential Learning in the Context of NEP 2020.’Mrs. V N Chakravarthy, Principal, Pragathi Central School, and Master Trainer, CBSE COE, Kakinada has accepted our invitation to be the Resource Person for the session. We had an amazing session today on Experiential Learning in the Context…
  • Paise Ki Paathshala
    We are glad to invite all educators for a Webinar on ‘Financial Literacy for Educators’ on 17th October @ 4.30 PM.
  • NEP 2020 talks on 10 bag-less days
    NEP 2020 talks on 10 bag-less days.Here we are with a few ideas for its right implementation at your school.
  • CBSE Initiative for Vocational / Skill Courses
    CEIR Team is glad to invite you to join for this session on & Skill Courses by CBSE.
  • Handwriting Made Easy
    Join Free Handwriting Improvement Training Programme scheduled on 4th October 2020 @4.30pm
  • Counselling Skills for School Leaders
    In the current COVID scenario Counselling skill is crucial for School Leaders and Teachers. Learners may be having a lot of emotional issues that can disturb their physical and emotional well-being. Tackling those in a professional way is essential.Let us join together on 3rd October, Saturday @ 4.30 pm to learn and deliberate on this topic.
  • Competencies Through Stories – Story-Based Learning for Senior Grades
    Join us on 26th September 2020 for CEIR’s webinar on ‘Competencies Through Stories – Story-Based Learning for Senior Grades’ by Me. Mukesh Shelat, Principal, DPS, Varanasi.
  • Principles for Principals
    Principles for Principals a tribute to Sir Ken Robinson was organised as a webinar with our guest Mr. Mathew K G, Principal Excel Public School, Mysore Karnataka. Watch the video :
  • ‘Reinventing Schools – Rebuilding the world.’
    ‘Reinventing Schools – Rebuilding the world.’ session by Mrs. Vijayam Kartha, Formal Principal & Trustee Kerala Public Schools, Jamshedpur.
  • Computer Education – In the context of NEP 2020
    Computer Education – In the context of NEP 2020 focused on Coding and Is coding hard to learn..? The session was taken by Pradeep Sahoo, Founder Director Eureka Education Banagalore.
  • Portfolio & Subject Enrichment Activities
    Listen to Mrs.Pallavi Sharma, Principal Mamta Modern Senior Secondary School New Delhi on Portfolio & Subject Enrichment Activities.
  • Dreaming of a Healthy Mind
    Dreaming of a healthy mind by Mrs. Gouri R Nair was conducted on 19th August 2020. Please watch the webinar video.
  • National Educational Policy 2020
    A panel discussion on Opportunities & Challenges in National Educational Policy 2020.Insights into how NEP impacts different K-12 stakeholders.
  • Parenting Skills During Cyberage – Mrs Jayashree
  • ‘the Lost Art of Handwriting’ Dr Sreeson Gopinath
    Dr. Sreeson Gopinath, the Founder Director of Veda Handwriting Lab and CEIR Trust will be the Resource Person. Writing a letter in one’s own hand can be an artistic act. Handwriting animates paper. Trained handwriting catches attention. Every message brims with the personality of the writer at the moment of interplay between hand, eye, mind, pen, and paper. Does…
  • Reading and Writing Skills
    CEIR has organised a webinar on Reading Skills for Principals and Educators on 29th July 2020. Dr. Anas could take the session beyond reading skills and touched upon brain development, cognition and life skills. The webinar was well appreciated by the participants from across the country and abroad. We take this opportunity to thank Dr. Anas Nilambur, Principal, The…
  • Listening and Speaking Skills for Principals and Educators
    CEIR has organised a webinar on Listening and Speaking Skills for Principals and Educators on 26th July 2020. The webinar was well appreciated by the participants from across the country and abroad. We take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Smitha P Krishnan and Mrs. Shalini Nair, the Resource Persons for the day. We would also like to express our…
  • ‘The Lost Art of Handwriting’ by Dr. Sreeson Gopinath
    An amazing session on ‘the Lost Art of Handwriting’ by Dr. Sreeson Gopinath, Founder Director, Veda Handwriting Lab & CEIR Trust, conducted today for Bangalore Sahodaya Complex.A must watch the session.You can contact him at @+91 95625 81831 or info@vedaeducation.com for any query on the topic Video Link : https://www.facebook.com/100053263711314/videos/129912332127557/?extid=zBtlv6JuZ5zauVW7
  • Arts Integration in Math with Transdisciplinary Projects
    CEIR’s Voice from the Middle East – Part 2 webinar was conducted on 22nd July on ‘Arts Integration in Math with Transdisciplinary Projects. We are thankful to Mrs. Beena Krishnaa for accepting our invitation as the resource person and conducting the session in an outstanding way. Mrs. Beena could expose the participants to various techniques of integrating dance, music,…
  • ‘Competency Based Education’ by Dr. Dinesh Babu
    We the CEIR Team is glad to share the video link of our recently organised webinar on ‘Competency Based Education’ by Dr. Dinesh Babu, Principal, CSM Central School & Master Trainer, CBSE COE, Thiruvananthapuram. The session was very insightful! Dinesh sir could correlate the principles of CBE with all aspects of teaching and learning. The way he connected and…
  • Integrating Storytelling to Virtual Classroom
    CEIR has organised a webinar on ‘Integrating Storytelling into Virtual Classroom’ by Dr. Seena Devar on 10th July 2020. The video link is shared herewith for those who missed the session.Dr. Seena has explained with beautiful stories about how to integrate storytelling into different subjects in virtual classrooms. Viewers were really amazed by her expressions and sound modulation techniques!…
  • COVID Schools : Legal and Operational Aspects
  • COVID19 Talk Part 2 – School Reopening
    Today CEIR in collaboration with Varanasi Sahodaya has organised a webinar on COVID19 Talk Part 2 – School Reopening. Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj, CBSE Controller of Exams and Padmashri Dr. K K Aggrawal, President of Heart Care Foundation of India, and former IMA President were the distinguished speakers. Dr. K K Aggrawal has spoken in detail on how the schools…
  • ‘Redefining Life Skills’, Dr. V. Bindu
    CEIR has organised today a webinar on ‘Redefining Life Skills’. Dr. V. Bindu, Principal, Hosur Public School and Dr. Mukesh Shelet, Principal, DPS, Varanasi were the key speakers. They have brilliantly presented each and every aspect of the topic which is very relevant to the present scenario. No one knows how the new normal will evolve after the COVID…
  • CEIR’s Virtual Global Conclave
    CEIR Team would like to thank Mr. Anurag Tripathy, IRPS, Secretary, CBSE for accepting our invitation and delivering Key Note Addresses in today’s CEIR’s Virtual Global Conclave on ‘Redefining Virtual Schooling with a Human Touch’. He has advised the school leaders to be innovative in imparting knowledge and skills and create a generation of new leaders who can resolve…
  • Cochin Principals & Managers Conclave
    Cochin Principals / Managers Conclave was conducted at the Venda Sahodaya Complex in 2019 and was a great success. Inaugurating a conclave of principals and managers organized by the CEIR Global along with Venad Sahodaya Complex at Greets Public School, Kaloor, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) secretary Anurag Tripathi said that the times have changed and in order to…
  • Bangalore Principals and Managers Conclave
    Bangalore Principals and Managers Conclave organised by CEIR Global, VEDA Handwriting Labs with collaboration with Bangalore International Academy on 13th July 2019, Saturday; for the topic “CHILD-FRIENDLY SCHOOL” a mandate of every school. Dignitaries including our Honourable Chairman Dr. D Manuraju, Academic Advisor BIGI Dr. Abraham Ebenezer, Mr Sreeson Gopinath, Director Veeda Foundation, Dr. Deepa Chandan, International councilor &…
  • Madurai Principals and Managers Conclave
    Madurai Principals and Managers Conclave was organised on 5th January 2019 by Centre for Educational Initiatives and Research together with VEDA Handwriting Labs. Leading Educationists from across India Participated in the conclave conducted at Hotel Fortune Pandiyan Madurai from 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM
  • National Workshop for Effective School Leadership
    National Workshop for Effective School Leadership was a first one of its kind programme organised by the Center of Educational Initiative and Research Trust at Mysuru.The event was conducted on theme ‘Empowering Leaders’ at Mysore on 3rd November 2018 at Fortune, JP Palace, Mysore.
  • Campus Connect
    Handwriting Lab Campus Connect
  • Nagercoil Educators Conclave
    Nagercoil Educators conclave was conducted by CEIR Global to give training and insights in various research areas to CBSE Educators.