National Level Quiz on NEP 2020

CEIR Global Mumbai Zone is happy to organised a National Level Quiz on New Education Policy 2020. All the Teachers and Principals can participate without any participation fee.

The main objective is to make Teachers and Principals well aware about the National Education Policy 2020 in depth. There will be 40 Multiple Choice Questions with ONE single correct option with a maximum duration of 50 minutes.. The questions will be based on the sections of NEP 2020 related to Preparatory, Primary, Secondary and some basic points about Higher Education.

Those who score more than 80% and above will be awarded with EXEMPLARY ACHIEVEMENT E-CERTIFICATE and those with 60% to 79% scores will be awarded with ACHIEVEMENT E-CERTIFICATE.

The period of the Quiz is 1st December, 2020 to 15th December, 2020. There will be a Webinar on 19th December, 2020 at 4.30 pm, for which a link will be sent to all the winners and YouTube/Facebook link will be sent to all others. Click NEXT button in the Registration URL to get the Quiz