Our Mission


Improve the overall K-12 school culture and performance by empowering all stakeholders using latest research and practices in education.


All members of the CEIR will be committed to the core principles of credibility, transparency and equal opportunity while undertaking all activities.


  1. Capacity building of all stakeholders in school education, especially  teachers and school leaders through workshops and training programmes.
  2. Establish a common platform for teachers, students, Principals, parents, and Management to share their ideas and concerns and best practices in education.
  3. Create one of the largest professional communities of government and private school teachers and leaders and provide them up-to-date information, mentoring, and training, to improve and innovate the teaching-learning process. 
  4. Provide various unique, innovative, and progressive ideas to interested educational Institutions to facilitate their growth as centres of excellence.  
  5. Promote initiatives that will place Indian schools on the international arena.
  6. Facilitate student and teacher exchange programs. 
  7. Establish a CEIR Finishing school cum placement cell for teachers who are passionate about teaching and molding the youth of tomorrow. 
  8. Help educational institutions grow into centres of excellence by providing consultations and guidance
  9. Introduce schools to authentic awards in the field of education and human development.