Centre for Educational Initiatives and Research – CEIR Global

Centre for Educational Initiatives and Research (CEIR) is a forum of educators aiming  to develop the education sector in India to global standards. CEIR envisions to achieve its objectives by collaborating with like- minded organisations.

  • Registered in the year-2019
  • CEIR encompasses K-XII schools across India and Indian Schools abroad.
  • CEIR membership is open to school Principals, Directors and Teachers.
  • CEIR was established with the purpose of providing guidance, support & information in areas related to:
  • a) teaching learning 
  • b) teacher development and
  • c) a platform for principals, teachers with opportunities for learning and sharing 

CEIR Activities include

  • Webinars, seminars & conclaves
  • Seminars & Workshops on Educational Policies 
  • Subject Workshops
  • School specific training programs
  • Sharing of best practices in teaching & other related areas 
  • Annual CEIR Mark of Excellence Award for Schools based on a standard criterion defined by CEIR
  • Handwriting workshops for teachers & students


  • Founder Director : Dr. Sreeson Gopinath
  • 7 Management Committee and 6 Executive Committee Members
  • The team is supported by Country Heads, Zonal Directors and Premium members